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We believe that every child has a potential which should not be submerged; rather, it must be STRETCHED !

Not only will this spur the child to perform better, he or she will hopefully be able to subconsciously cross a higher milestone at each stage of his or her learning journey.

It is with this mission in mind, that Mind Stretcher Learning Centre was born...

Mind Stretching News & Announcements

important-registration-information-for-academic-year-2014-begining-2-dec-201331 August 2013
The registration information for Academic Year 2014 (beginning 2 Dec 2013) is now out. Please read through the document carefully as it also contains other important information. Kindly click here for the important information relating to the...
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Students enrolling in the so-called 'branded' or more prestigious primary schools have a distinct academic advantage when it comes to the PSLE.
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